Quick Start

Getting Started

To get started you'll need a free Good Splits account, your song splits (knowledge of your splits for each rack and shared ownership for publishing and master) and your sales data document from your aggregator in .csv or .tsv format.

Quick Start
How it Works

Steps to get started

1. Upload your sales report.
You'll need your sales report document from your aggregator or distributor in a .csv or .tsv format.
2. Match your column names.
Tell us which of your column names match our Good Splits titles. We have popular presets for commonly used aggregators to make splitting even easier.
3. Assign songs to albums.
Input the song names for each album.
4. Set song splits.
Add your collaborator's information, along with their master and publishing percentages. These splits will save for any future upload.
5. Calculate those splits!
Sing a little tune while Good Splits does the math. When completed, you'll be able to see payments affiliated with your collaborators.