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More transparency in music is a really good thing.

Good Splits was created in 2019 by Jordan Mattison—a music manager who’s been in the Nashville music industry for more than 15 years—and Coalesce, a full-stack digital agency.

Mattison had an idea for a tool that could help musicians be more autonomous with their accounting. He knew musicians that could better predict their financial futures typically feel more stable and secure in developing new work.

He worked with Coalesce to ideate what kind of tool would really be useful to working musicians who don’t have access to fancy accounting teams. Together, they created Good Splits--a new, simple tool that would allow musicians to bid farewell to their unwieldy spreadsheets, calculate payments faster, and provide more reliability and transparency to their collaborators.

Good Splits beta was launched to a select few early adopters and it had a bigger impact that we ever could have imagined. We took real user feedback into account and continue to evolve the product as new needs arise, but the primary mission remains: We engineered it for musicians, not accountants. It’s the easiest, most lightweight tool of its kind, and we aim to keep it that way.

We’re passionate about transparency in the music business because it has a terrible history of serving the artist last. We want to empower musicians to take back control of their careers and see more revenue from their songs. This is one step towards a more equitable music business. Join us.

About Us

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Real people who love Good Splits

Good Splits is such an essential resource for artists and their teams. Being able to quickly and efficiently calculate master royalty splits without an expensive royalty application is amazing!
Dave Hopper, Hard 8 Working Group
I was seeking a tool to help organize and simplify the headache of our quarterly reporting processes and Good Splits is exactly that. What used to take hours, now takes minutes.
Heather Kelly, Valeo Arts Management
Thanks to Good Splits our accounting workflow has been simplified for our independent releases and easily determines how much each writer and master owner should be paid with just a few clicks.
Andy Friday
Good Splits is an incredibly useful tool for everyone from publishers and managers to independent artists and labels to keep track of where their money is coming from and make sure their collaborators are being properly compensated.
Good Splits is legitimately saving me hours. Thank you so much for developing this!
Leon Gregory
Fresh Life Church Record Label
This is just the tool I have been looking for. More power to indie artists! Transparency is key.
Darius Banks
Life Music
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